Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Jezz Woodroffe playing on the ceiling with Black Sabbath !

I had to laugh, sometimes you put in your name on google to see the keywords that are coming up, well I did that with Jezz's name and found this Black Sabbath forum discussing whether or not Jezz was actually playing on stage behind a curtain with Black Sabbath or hoisted up to the ceiling !!

What !!! They were serious that was the worrying thing, upon investigation, well okay I asked Jezz, he definately said that no he was NOT hoisted up and playing from the ceiling !  I doubt whether this was something he would have forgotton !  Sounds like Pink got her idea off him !

Jezz joined Black Sabbath in 1975, he was working in a band called Mabutu, a jazz fusion band trio with the ledgendary drummer Mike Evans, sadly not with us any more, playing with the band one night to 30 people in Snobs nightclub in Birmingham.  Six weeks later he was in front of thousands in big seater gigs touring America. 

And yes, he didn't become one of the main members of the band, more of a session player, touring for many years, recording, and he did write with them too.  I would have thought someone may have said in all those thousands of seater gigs, 'mmm I wonder where the keyboard sound is coming from, funny I didn't see a keyboard player? 

I suppose if it was this day and age the technology to use a 'backing track' is easy, but not so easy before, everything was live.  Hence, now the picture in my head of Jezz and his keyboard suspended from the ceiling!!

Well Jezz has a huge collection of information from these experience's and later on with Robert Plant, so I am going to go through it all, and compile it -  maybe I might find a view of what it was like from the ceiling - I'll let you know !


  1. Thanks for post. I have many live recordings of Black Sabbath from the 70s where you can hear Jezz's keyboards.

    I have a question for Jezz. I recall reading an interview with Jezz where he mentions that he still has some of the keyboards that he used on the Sabbath tours. Jezz claims that one of the keyboards still has the settings marked for the song Who Are You. This is interesting because there are no recordings in circulation with this song. If you get a chance could you please ask Jezz about this.

  2. Apparently, it was Jeff Nicholls who played on 'Who Are You' and he still has all his keyboards' He took over after jezz left!

  3. Actually, I got the song wrong. It wasn't Who Are You, but Am I Going Insane (Radio) that Jezz said was played live on Ozzy's ARP 2600. This must've only been played a few times live...

    Geoff Nicholls was brought on board after Ozzy left.

  4. Yeah Jezz was playing Ozzy's Arp 2600 on that song, that synth is in Ozzy's house it was shown on one of the osbourne shows.

    Jezz only used it a few times because it was so unreliable !

    Sorry I spelt Geoff Nicholls's name wrong...

  5. Hi Jezz and Sally
    As I get later in my life, I'm spending a little time looking a long way back and just saying hello to people I remember so,well. I'll just say Worksop and Jasmine Cycle and leave it at that. I hope life is good for you.
    All the best
    Al Harris

  6. Met Jezz in 76 &78 . He actually remembered my name second time around.. Great guy ,he spoke with me &Cyndi Bainbridge for some time. Thanks for the backstage passes. Glad your doing well Jezz. Peace & Magic